Need an aviary for your birds? Check out our massive range of aviary kits!

Not only does ABSCO manufacture sheds and garages, we also produce strong and versatile aviaries in a range of styles and sizes Ideal for all sorts of bird life, they are made of strong steel which is easy to clean and maintain. The ABSCO aviaries are available in a Zincalume® finish as well as a pale eucalypt Colorbond® finish. They also have wide mesh panels for better bird viewing. Choose the size, shape and finish of your aviary to fit into your own surroundings and we will have it delivered to your nearest ABSCO dealer for free.

ABSCO aviaries come in a range of shapes and sizes. The smaller varieties are great for areas with limited space. They start from 1.52m wide x 1.48m deep and can fit into many small back yards. The larger structures measure 3m wide x 2.22m deep and offer a more spacious layout for greater bird movement. 

Make sure your birds are safe with a full steel base running around the entire enclosure to keep predators out. Many of the dangers to birds in Australia can slip right through mesh fencing so this really is the only way to keep them safe. Other animals aren't the only consideration when looking for a good quality aviary, it needs to stand up to the elements as well. We are so confident of the quality of our sheds that they are backed by our comprehensive written warranty for 20 years!